Eyelash extensions are a great alternative to wearing mascara or false strip lashes every day. It is a non-invasive, calming appointment where most clients fall asleep. There is no pain with the application and aftercare is simple, brush & clean! Similar to having your nails done, a 2-3 week fill is recommended for upkeep, or have them put on for a one time occasion. Anywhere from 1 extension to 10 extensions are applied per natural eyelash depending on the desired fullness the client is going for. Length, thickness of lash, and shape are personalized to each and every client, too, so if you are wanting thick, shorter lashes, or thin long lashes and anywhere in between, we can make that happen! 

classic 1:1 

one to one, can only be as full as natural lashes are


hybrid 1:1 & 5:1

mix of classic and volume


volume 5:1

thicker, fuller lashes